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Account Management

You can change your registration information, including email address and password, at anytime. To do so, look for the information center at the bottom of any page on our website. If you have not logged in, click Sign In under the ACCOUNT section. Logon with the email address and password that you provided in your initial customer registration. After you have logged in, or if you are already logged in, click Manage My Account under the ACCOUNT section. To protect your privacy, you will again be prompted to enter your password. After you have provided the correct password, your registration information will be displayed for update. When you have finished making changes, click the Update button to save your changes. If you are using a public or shared computer, we recommend logging out before leaving your computer.

Account Deletion

You can request deletion of your account by sending an email to


Choose your password wisely and never share it with anyone. Be sure that you have chosen a password that others will not easily guess with your password hint. Change your password if the secrecy of your password has been jeopardized.


Shop 4 Classics does not store your financial information. Credit card numbers are transmitted securely to our order processor. See Security for more information regarding order processing and SSL encryption.


The information you enter when registering is used to process orders, customize your shopping experience, improve our store, and to communicate with you. Shop 4 Classics does not sell, rent, or trade customer information to others under any circumstances. Consult with our Privacy Policy for more information.