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Clawfoot Tub Showers

Clawfoot tub shower kits that including sets with tub rim, tub wall, or freestanding clawfoot tub faucets paired with an exposed shower riser and shower enclosure. Our clawfoot tub showers are available with thermostatic valves, gooseneck spouts, handshowers, and many other options.

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Choosing Clawfoot Tub Showers

The roll top clawfoot tub first gained popularity in the late 19th century and with these freestanding bathtubs arrived clawfoot tub showers. Clawfoot tub plumbing is usually exposed; as is the case with clawfoot tub showers. An exposed shower riser extends up from a clawfoot tub faucet to an overhead showerhead. A shower enclosure that is braced to the ceiling and neighboring walls surrounds the tub. The shower enclosure lends support to the exposed riser and provides a means to hang a shower curtain to keep water inside the walls of the clawfoot tub. Because all of the plumbing is exposed, adding a clawfoot tub shower requires little renovation to a bathroom plumbed for a clawfoot tub. Clawfoot tub showers come in many variations and offer many options. However, the most fundamental qualification for choosing the correct clawfoot tub shower is determined by the location, or absence, of faucet holes in your clawfoot tub.

Tub Wall Mount Clawfoot Tub Showers

Tub wall mount clawfoot tub showers install through faucet holes drilled in the wall of a clawfoot tub. Clawfoot tub faucet holes in the tub wall are typically drilled on 3-3/8" centers. Most tub wall mounted clawfoot tub showers are designed to fit 3-3/8" center faucet holes but British telephone models include swing arms to provide adjustable centers. Many other tub wall mounted clawfoot tub shower can be adapted with swing arms to provide adjustable centers. Tub wall mount clawfoot tub shower enclosures are usually end mounted.

Deck Mount Clawfoot Shower Enclosures

Deck mount clawfoot tub showers install through faucet holes drilled in the deck (rim) of a freestanding tub. Faucet holes for rim mounted clawfoot tub showers are usually drilled on 7" or 8" centers, depending on the bathtub. Most rim mount clawfoot tub showers can be adapted with swivel arms to provide variable centers. Rim mount clawfoot tub showers can also be installed on a deck around built-in tubs. End mount and side mount clawfoot tub shower enclosure options are available for clawfoot tubs with faucet holes in the rim.

Freestanding Clawfoot Shower Enclosures

Freestanding clawfoot tub showers are perfect for bath tubs that do not have faucet holes. Sometimes called floor mounted clawfoot tub showers, these shower enclosures have a tub filler with shower riser mounted on freestanding supplies. Early cage and hooded shower enclosures were also freestanding showers. Although they do not require faucet holes in the tub, most floor mounted clawfoot tub showers are designed to be placed at the end of the tub.

Exposed Riser Shower Sets

Vintage exposed riser shower sets mount on a bathroom wall. Although they can be used with clawfoot tubs, they typically are installed as standalone showers. Exposed riser shower sets do not include a shower enclosure and most do not have a tub filler. European designs that predate the quintessential clawfoot tub are often the inspiration for exposed riser shower sets.

Clawfoot Tub Supply Lines

With the exception of freestanding clawfoot tub showers and wall mounted exposed riser shower sets; clawfoot tub showers require clawfoot tub supply lines to complete installation. Just as faucet holes determine clawfoot tub showers, they will also determine the correct clawfoot tub supply lines. See Clawfoot Tub Supply Line Tips for help selecting supply lines.

Clawfoot Tub Drains

Clawfoot tub drains are also called waste and overflows. There are fewer options for clawfoot tub drains but if your tub has a clawfoot tub shower to fill the tub, it will require a drain to empty it. See Clawfoot Tub Drain Tips for help selecting a clawfoot tub drain.

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains

Clawfoot tub shower curtains are specifically designed to fully enclose clawfoot tub showers. Because clawfoot tub shower curtains wrap all four sides of a clawfoot tub, they are wider and more heavy duty than traditional shower curtains. This section also includes shower curtain pins (sometimes called shower curtain rings) for hanging clawfoot tub shower curtains.

Shower Curtain Rings & Rods

Shower curtain rings for clawfoot tub showers are typically oval or rectangular. Most clawfoot tub shower enclosure sets include a shower curtain ring but shower curtain rings and rods can be purchased separately and used for many different applications.

Shower Enclosure Supports

Clawfoot tub shower enclosures are usually braced to the ceiling and an adjacent wall. Additional braces, brackets, and adapters are available separately to provide shower enclosure support and configuration options.

Handheld Showers

Handheld showers provide additional convenience to clawfoot tub showers' stationary showerhead. Handshower conversion kits and handheld shower brackets can be ordered to upgrade clawfoot tub showers or replacement handheld shower hoses and parts can be ordered to repair vintage clawfoot tub showers.

Clawfoot Tub Shower Risers

Add a shower to an existing clawfoot tub faucet with a clawfoot tub shower riser. Most any clawfoot tub faucet with a shower diverter can be converted to a clawfoot tub shower with the addition of a shower riser and shower curtain ring.