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Clawfoot Tubs

Antique reproduction cast iron clawfoot tubs or vintage style acrylic clawfoot bathtubs. Choose from traditional roll top clawfoot tubs, slipper tubs, or double-ended and double slipper soaker clawfoot tubs. Classic freestanding tubs with Victorian ball & claw, lion paw feet, or contemporary peg legs.

Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs Cast Iron Roll Top Clawfoot TubsCast Iron Roll Top Clawfoot Tubs Cast Iron Clawfoot Slipper TubsCast Iron Clawfoot Slipper Tubs Cast Iron Double-Ended Clawfoot TubsCast Iron Double-Ended Clawfoot Tubs  
Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs Acrylic Roll Top Clawfoot TubsAcrylic Roll Top Clawfoot Tubs Acrylic Clawfoot Slipper TubsAcrylic Clawfoot Slipper Tubs Acrylic Double-Ended Clawfoot TubsAcrylic Double-Ended Clawfoot Tubs  

How To Buy Clawfoot Tubs

The clawfoot tub shopping process involves many choices but the first and most basic decision is to choose between a cast iron clawfoot tub and an acrylic clawfoot tub. Each tub construction material offers its own set of advantages. Acrylic is warmer to the touch than cast iron and the insulating qualities of acrylic means that acrylic clawfoot tub baths will stay warm longer than cast iron baths. Acrylic clawfoot tubs are lighter which makes them easier to move and install but the heft and rigidity of cast iron lends to the soothing comfort created by a cast iron clawfoot tub. The exterior of cast iron clawfoot tubs can be custom painted to offer interior decorating versatility. Cast iron tub interiors are coated with a hard porcelain enamel that provides scratch and stain resistance. Although slightly more susceptible to scratches, acrylic resists chips. Wear and tear will determine a clawfoot tub's lifespan but cast iron clawfoot tubs can be refinished and passed on for generations. A traditionalist concerned with the historical accuracy of their vintage bathroom renovation will choose a cast iron clawfoot tub. Acrylic clawfoot tubs offer modern convenience wrapped in a period package. Today, acrylic clawfoot tubs are comparably priced and offered in most of the same styles and sizes as their cast iron equivalents.

Cast Iron Roll Top Clawfoot Tubs

Traditional cast iron roll top clawfoot tubs are the perfect centerpiece for a vintage bath. The roll rim clawfoot bathtub is a timeless favorite that adds style and understated sophistication. Traditional clawfoot tubs are flat on one end and slanted at the other. The clawfoot tub faucet and drain are installed on the flat end of the tub.

Cast Iron Clawfoot Slipper Tubs

Cast iron clawfoot slipper tubs have an extended backrest that makes them perfect for soaking. Although generally considered more contemporary than traditional roll rim clawfoot tubs, Ben Franklin had a slipper bathtub that it is said he discovered in France. Lie back, relax, and soak away your worries in the warm comfort of a cast iron slipper clawfoot bathtub.

Cast Iron Double-Ended Clawfoot Tubs

Cast iron double-ended clawfoot bathtubs have a slanted back on both ends. Included in this category are double slipper tubs that have a slipper-style backrest on both ends of the tub. Sometimes called a Roman tub or soaker tub, cast iron double-ended tubs offer fanciful lion's paw feet in addition to traditional ball & claw feet designs. Invigorate your soul in the generous bathing well of a cast iron dual clawfoot tub or double slipper tub.

Acrylic Roll Top Clawfoot Tubs

Acrylic roll top clawfoot tubs combine vintage tub charm with modern simplicity to provide the ultimate in versatility. Our antique reproduction acrylic roll rim clawfoot tubs are modeled after traditional cast iron clawfoot bathtubs. Sometimes called French style clawfoot tubs, these clawfoot bathtubs are flat on one end and rounded at the opposite end.

Acrylic Clawfoot Slipper Tubs

Acrylic clawfoot slipper tubs feature a high back design that is perfectly suited for reclining and relaxing while you bathe. The clawfoot tub faucet and drain are installed at the low end of slipper tubs. Wind down and forget the cares of the day in a luxurious acrylic slipper tub.

Acrylic Double-Ended Clawfoot Tubs

Spacious double-ended acrylic clawfoot tubs are rounded on both ends. The clawfoot tub faucet and drain are centered along one side to accommodate a variety of bathing positions. Indulge your senses and release your tensions in a double-ended dual acrylic clawfoot tub or double slipper clawfoot tub.