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Cold Air Return Covers

Cold air return covers with Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and decorative modern grilles in sizes that range from narrow toe kick grilles to large floor grates. Choose from air return covers constructed in cast iron, aluminum, bronze, brass, and wood.

Cast Iron Air Return GrillesCast Iron Air Return Grilles

Bronze Air Return GrillesBronze Air Return Grilles

Aluminum Air Return GrillesAluminum Air Return Grilles

Brass Air Return GrillesBrass Air Return Grilles

Wood Air Return GrillesWood Air Return Grilles

Resin Air Return GrillesResin Air Return Grilles

Choosing Cold Air Returns

A cold air return cover is a decorative grille that covers air return ducts. Unlike a register, air return grilles do not have louvers attached to them. Normally, air flow is controlled on the supply side so dampers aren't necessary for air returns.

The term "cold air return" originates from the early days of residential heating. Warm air passed through registers so they became known as heat registers. Chilled air circulated back to the furnace through air returns so they were called cold air return covers. When economical central air conditioning came along, air returns served a dual purpose of returning warm air to the air conditioner in summer months and returning cold air to the furnace in winter months. Although the term "cold air return" is still used frequently today, "air return grille" is becoming increasingly more popular.

Modern homes usually have air return grilles in nearly every room. In older homes, it is common to have fewer but much larger air return grates. Vintage homes formerly heated by coal or wood burning gravity furnaces often featured a single oversized air return grate positioned centrally in the home. Shop 4 Classics air return vent covers are available in sizes ranging from toekick vent covers to large air return grates.

Although they lack the louvers that must drop into the duct, duct size is still the critical determinant for choosing air return vent covers. Most air return covers have a base on the backside that is slightly smaller than the duct the grille was designed to fit. Some air return grilles feature a perforated screen on the backside to help hide ductwork behind the grille. The air return's base (or screen) must fit into the duct so measuring the duct opening remains essential to ensure a proper fit.

Shop 4 Classics offers air return grilles in a large variety of architectural grille patterns. Each pattern is offered in many different sizes. Often, the same pattern can be found in many different colors, depending on the base material from which it is constructed. Therefore, we organize air return covers by the grille construction material.

Cast Iron Air Return Grilles

Cast iron air return grilles add long-lived durability to air return vents. The strength of cast iron makes cast iron floor grates the best choice for large ducts in old homes. Finished in traditional black, cast iron air return grilles confer instant period dignity.

Bronze Air Return Grilles

Bronze air return grilles feature artisan crafted designs cast in solid bronze to last a lifetime. Finished in rich oil rubbed bronze patinas, bronze air return grilles will wear to expose the natural shades of bronze and convey vintage appeal to floors, walls, and ceilings.

Aluminum Air Return Grilles

Aluminum air return grilles are rust resistant and lighter than other metal grilles which makes them the perfect vent cover solution for return vents where moisture or the grilles weight are a concern. Aluminum air return grilles are offered in many colors including faux brass, bronze, and black cast iron which makes them economical alternatives to other metal air return grilles.

Brass Air Return Grilles

Brass air return grilles are constructed of solid brass and finished in polished brass, chrome, nickel, and other metallic finishes. Brass air return grilles add character to any room and are perfect for any setting from historical to contemporary.

Wood Air Return Grilles

Wood air return grilles are a natural fit for rooms rich with the beauty of wood. Shop 4 Classics offers wood vents in the most popular wood species to ensure a matching grain blend with hardwood floors, wood trim, and wood furniture.

Resin Air Return Grilles

Resin air return grilles are lightweight architectural grilles designed specifically for ceiling and wall vent cover installations. Manufactured with sophisticated polymers, resin air return grilles are sturdy, moisture resistant, paintable, and engineered to provide years of lasting warmth and beauty.