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Curb appeal starts at the front door with Victorian and Craftsman style door knockers, doorbell buttons with copper accented chimes, and kickplates. Coordinating mailsolts, mailboxes and decorative scroll and Arts & Crafts house numbers extend a warm welcome.

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Creating Curb Appeal

The smart selection of decorative hardware for a home's front door and porch areas offers an economical way to significantly add curb appeal while serving a variety of necessary functions. Adding curb appeal hardware items like unique house numbers, stylish doorbell buttons, or wall mount mailboxes are relatively simple and inexpensive home renovation projects. Most of these exterior hardware products can be installed by the homeowner using simple tools that they likely already own. Selecting curb appeal hardware is a matter of home owner preferences. However, ensuring that the exterior hardware elements complement one another as well as the style of the home is a generally recommended selection criterion. Avoid a mismatch of finishes by coordinating these combination pieces in the same finish. Choice of style and finish should be harmonious to the home's architectural style. For example, copper and bronze hardware works well in Arts & Crafts or rustic-themed homes while brass has a traditional appeal that is especially popular in Victorian settings. For a contemporary setting, consider the sophistication of brushed nickel or chrome hardware. Coordinating these visual elements will provide a clean look and make a significant difference in the appearance of your property.

House Numbers

Extend the style and charm of your home with a set of decorative house address numbers. Our collection includes rustic iron and bronze house numbers, hammered copper Craftsman style house numbers and vintage brass house numbers in popular 4", 5" and 6" sizes.

Doorbell Buttons

Set a nostalgic tone at your home's front door with an antique style doorbell button. Whether you are looking for an ornate Victorian brass doorbell or a rustic copper or bronze Mission doorbell, our collection of vintage doorbells are rich with period specific details. Although they may look old fashion, these doorbell buttons are designed for homes with modern wiring.

Doorbell Chimes

Replace that conspicuously utilitarian designed plastic door chime with one that is enclosed in a decorative vintage themed chime cover. Included in our collection are doorbell chimes with rustic hand hammered copper Mission and Tudor style covers and door chimes with handcrafted wood covers that are the perfect accent to your Craftsman or Arts and Crafts style home's interior.

Mechanical Doorbells

Old fashioned mechanical doorbells make a bold statement with a twist. Our reproduction twist mechanical doorbells feature designs common at the turn of the 20th Century.

Door Knockers

Add unique character to your front door with a vintage style door knocker. Although choice of door knocker is often a matter of personal preference, the period or style of your home as well as its entry door hardware are also important considerations. For example, solid brass door knockers with a polished or antique finish are available in designs that complement many vintage and traditional style homes. Similarly, hand crafted Arts and Crafts style door knockers are available in designs that coordinate with popular Craftsman style door hardware.


Complete your home's exterior renovation project with the addition of a stylish wall mounted mailbox. Our collection of wall mount mailboxes include handcrafted copper mailboxes with Arts and Crafts, Tudor style as well as simple rustic themes. An assortment of antique style wall mount mailboxes in small and large sizes are also available to complement the exteriors of vintage and traditional style homes.

Mail Slots

Be kind to your letter carrier and your home's style by replacing that worn out mail slot with a new vintage or traditional themed mail slot. Choose a handcrafted copper or solid cast bronze mail slot for your rustic or Arts & Crafts home. Versatile solid brass mail slots are available with many finish options that coordinate with your home's door hardware including brushed nickel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze.


Protect the bottom of your front door from scuffs and scrapes with a door kickplate. Our kickplates are available in numerous sizes and your choice of mounting options. Our kickplates are also available in a wide variety of popular door hardware finishes to match other curb appeal hardware.

Flag Pole Holders

Attach a wall mounted flag pole holder to your home's exterior and display flags that express your patriotism, school affiliation, or simply your sense of style. Our flag pole holders are available in common flag pole sizes and in all of today's popular hardware finishes.