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Door Hardware

Antique reproduction door hardware including decorative interior door hardware and entry door handle sets feauring door knobs and backplates ranging from Victorian, Arts & Crafts Mission, Traditional, and Contemporary. Whether your home is old or new, vintage design door hardware shows a distinctive sense of style and good taste.

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Entry Door Hardware vs. Interior Door Hardware

Door hardware has purpose and choosing the right door hardware depends on the door's function. Entry doors (also called exterior doors or front doors) primary function is to secure the indoors from the outdoors. Entry door hardware provides security to prevent unwanted visitors from entering while also establishing a positive first impression for welcome guests. Interior doors separate rooms. Interior door hardware can have many functions. Bedroom and bathroom doors require hardware that provides privacy. Closet doors only require a passage latch to keep the door closed. In an old home, you are likely to find antique doors that require a mortise lock. If it goes in, on, or around a door, hardware for every door function can be found in the Door Hardware section.

Door Hardware Styles

Nostalgic Warehouse, Grandeur, and Brass Accents door hardware families offer a comprehensive selection of vintage door hardware styles. The Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco architectural periods are all represented in these door hardware families. Craftsmen Hardware Company is focused on handcrafted copper door hardware designed in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Hamilton Sinkler's decorative door hardware collection reflects the rustic and traditional look of the solid bronze from which it is cast.

While all of our door hardware is ideal for modern doors and new construction, Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware is also particularly well suited for vintage homes undergoing restoration. Designed to work with either tubular latches or interior mortise locks, the Nostalgic Warehouse line is uniquely able to work with either antique doors or modern doors.

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Replacing Antique Door Hardware Components

In an old home restoration, door hardware is often missing or in poor repair. Antique hardware can be salvaged by replacing missing or dysfunctional parts. Replacement components including door knobs, backplates, latches, and mortise locks can be found in the Door Hardware sections. Standards did not exist for antique door hardware but there are some popular designs that provided "common" specifications. For example, 7mm and 8mm square spindles were commonly used in door knobs, latches, and locks. Interior doors are usually 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset while mortise locks were often 2-1/4" backset. Measure carefully to ensure a match when replacing antique door hardware components.

Door Hardware Accessories

There is more to door hardware than door knobs, backplates, and locks. For starters, there are hinges to keep the door on the jamb. Interior doors usually have mortise hinges (also called butt hinges). Mortise hinges are sized by measuring the overall width and height of the hinge in the open position. In vintage homes, mortise door hinges with ball-tipped finials were ubiquitous. Other interior door hardware accessories include pushplates and pulls for non-latching doors and door stops that prevent interior doors from swinging open and damaging walls. For exterior doors, there are many door hardware accessories including mailslots, door knockers, and kickplates, as well as door trim hardware such as doorbell buttons and house numbers. Additional home hardware for your home's entryway can be found in the Curb Appeal section of Shop 4 Classics.

Pocket Door Hardware

Not all doors swing on hinges. Pocket doors (or sliding doors) are interior doors that slide on a track into a cavity in the wall. Pocket doors have their own set of hardware called, appropriately enough, pocket door hardware. Pocket door hardware includes flush pulls and edge pulls. Pocket door flush pulls have a low profile so they do not block the door as it slides into its pocket. Pocket door edge pulls install in the door stile to acts as a handle for pulling the door back out of the pocket once it is opened.

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