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Entry door hardware sets including Victorian and Craftsman antique reproductions that blend modern security with vintage class. Coordinate your front entry door hardware with period style door knockers, mailslots, and kickplates.

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Choosing Entry Door Hardware

The fundamental purpose of entry door hardware is to provide security to exterior doors. The locking mechanism for entry door hardware is a deadbolt. The deadbolt is either integrated into mortise entry locksets or a separate component for tubular entry locksets. Tubular entry locksets tend to be more common, easier to install, and more economically priced. Modern entry doors are predrilled for tubular entry sets but tubular entry sets are also often used in antique entry doors. Tubular entry locksets require two holes; one for the deadbolt and one for the latch. The critical factor in fitting entry door hardware is the location of holes in the door. Measure the spread between the center of the deadbolt hole and the center of the latch hole as well as their distance from the edge (backset) to ensure a proper match to your entry door.

When we think of entry door hardware, we often focus on the front door but other exterior doors such as mudroom entry doors and basement entry doors also require entry door hardware to lock them. Particularly in old homes with a detached garage, back entry doors may be used more frequently than the front door. Purchasing multiple entry sets at one time from a single source will allow you to get deadbolts that are keyed the same so only one key is required to lock and unlock multiple exterior doors. Most door hardware families include both entry door hardware and interior door hardware to provide a coordinated connection between the outside and the inside of your home.

In addition to providing security, the front entry door contributes to an inviting first impression for guests. Entry door hardware should reflect your personal taste but also agree with the architectural style of your home. Backplates (or "escutcheons") in period appropriate designs are available in a variety of popular finishes and with a choice of knobs, levers, and thumb-grip handles. Choose quality crafted antique reproduction entry door hardware from Shop 4 Classics to integrate a respect for your home's history without surrendering your personal preferences.

The entryway is more than door hardware though. Architectural details on or around the front entry door, such as door knockers and door bells, reinforce its character and contribute to a warm welcome. An entryway firmly ensconced in era appropriate hardware carries an impact much greater than the sum of the individual hardware components. Mix and match vintage hardware to add texture and color to your home's entrance.

Nostalgic Warehouse Entry Door Sets

Nostaglic Warehouse entry door sets pair handlesets or door knobs and backplates from any of their popular antique hardware designs with quality constructed deadbolts to provide security and vintage appeal to entry doors. Nostalgic Warehouse's comprehensive collection of door hardware, style families, and popular finishes provides the means necessary to carry a unified vintage look throughout your home, inside and out.

Grandeur Entry Door Sets

Grandeur entry door sets blend detailed styling, superior product quality, and easy installation to create elegant entry door hardware for modern doors. The distinctive Grandeur handlesets make for a lasting statement of your personal taste and style while the deadbolt provides the security that you require. From traditional to vintage, each Grandeur entry door set is perfectly coordinated with Grandeur interior door hardware to extend throughtout your home.

Craftsmen Hardware Entry Sets

Craftsmen Hardware entry sets are completely hand crafted from copper in the Arts & Crafts style. Craftsmen Hardware copper backplates, door knobs, and handlesets are hand hammered and then hand finished in a rich brown oil rubbed patina. Old fashion craftsmanship wed to high grade modern locks and latches make Craftsmen Hardware entry sets the perfect match for bungalows and other Craftsman period homes.

Hamilton Sinkler Entry Door Sets

Hamilton Sinkler entry door sets are crafted from solid bronze to provide rock solid quality. Traditional style bronze backplates, door knobs, and lever handles are coupled with high quality latches and deadbolts to provide years of superior service. The rich brown patina of Hamilton Sinkler entry door hardware ages gracefully over time to further enhance the beauty of each piece.

Coastal Bronze Entry Door Sets

Coastal Bronze entry door sets feature the old world craftsmanship, handcrafted designs, and weathered texture of entry door hardware that nods gently toward vintage European cast iron door hardware. Pure bronze trim adds long-lived dignity to modern function and security.

Acorn Manufacturing Entry Door Sets

Acorn Manufacturing entry door sets include the finest quality forged door knobs, lever door handles, and handlesets paired with high quality latches and deadbolts. Smooth iron and rough iron entry sets are finished in traditional black while hand forged stainless steel entrance hardware features a natural finish. Acorn Manufacturing's mission is to provide authenticity, craftsmanship, and function that are forged together for a lifetime.


Deadbolts designed to match our most popular door hardware patterns provide security without compromising on style. Meticulously designed and rigorously tested, single cylinder deadbolts lock from the inside with a thumb turn knob while double cylinder deadbolts are keyed on both sides.


Kickplates protect the bottom of your entry door from scuffs and scrapes. Our door kickplates are available in numerous sizes, mounting options, and a wide assortment of popular door hardware finishes to match other entry door hardware. Make a statement before guests even step over the threshold with a stylish kickplate that also protects entry doors from scratches.

Mail Slots

Mail slots are available with many finish options that coordinate with your home's door hardware including brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and handcrafted copper. Be kind to your letter carrier and your home's style by replacing that worn out mail slot with a new vintage or traditional themed mail slot.

Door Hinges

Door hinges constructed with old fashion craftsmanship and echoing designs from the past lend interest to plain or fancy doors. Our sturdily constructed period style door hinges are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, styles.

Strap Hinges

Strap hinges mount to the door frame while the strap is installed on the surface of entry doors, carriage house doors, and other exterior doors. In addition to providing functionality, the strap hinge's long strap helps to reinforce doors.

Dummy Strap Hinges

Dummy strap hinges are decorative straps that are installed on doors to make them appear as if the door is hung with strap hinges. Because dummy strap hinges are non-functional, they are sometimes called faux strap hinges. Dummy strap hinges are also called hinge fronts and hinge straps because they consist of only the strap part of a strap hinge.

Door Knockers

Door knockers add character to a home's entryway. Along with personal preference, the period or style of your home as well as its entry door hardware are important considerations when choosing a door knocker. Solid brass door knockers with a polished or antique finish are available in designs that complement many vintage and traditional style homes. Hand crafted copper and bronze door knockers are offered in designs that coordinate with popular Craftsman and rustic style door hardware.

Doorbell Buttons

Doorbell buttons are a highly visible, yet inexpensive, way to show appreciation for your home's architectural style. Whether you are looking for an ornate Victorian brass doorbell or a rustic copper or bronze Mission doorbell, our collection of vintage doorbells are rich with period specific details. Although they may look old fashion, these doorbell buttons are designed for homes with modern wiring. Set a nostalgic tone at your home's front door with an antique style doorbell button.

Doorbell Chimes

Doorbell chimes announce the arrival of guests. Replace that conspicuously utilitarian plastic doorbell chime with one that is enclosed in a decorative vintage-themed wood or metal chime cover. Included in our collection of doorbell chimes are rustic hand hammered copper Mission and Tudor style doorbell chimes and handcrafted wood door chimes that are the perfect interior accent to Craftsman, Arts and Crafts, or Tudor style homes.

Mechanical Doorbells

Mechanical doorbells make a bold old fashioned statement with a twist. Mechanical doorbells included a thumb turn knob for the door's exterior and a bell for the interior. Turning the knob rings the connected bell inside the home to announce the arrival of guests. Our antique reproduction twist mechanical doorbells feature designs common at the turn of the 20th Century.


Clavos are decorative nails that are used on the surface of entry doors to provide Old World accent. Clavos have been popular for centuries and are common for a broad range of architectural door styles. Sometimes also called door studs or door bosses, "clavos" is Spanish for "nails".

Speakeasy Door Grilles

Speakeasy door grilles install on entry doors to secure the speakeasy opening. Speakeasy grilles are also commonly used as decorative accents over small windows on entry doors to reinforce a home's architectural style.

Storm Door Hardware

Storm door hardware and screen door hardware should be matched to exterior door hardware to create a coordinated look that increases curb appeal. Our traditional storm door latches and screen door hinges bring out the antique character of storm doors without surrendering contemporary function.