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Help Me Choose: Faucet Holes

The presence and location of faucet holes will determine which type of faucet can be used with the tub and how the supply lines will be roughed-in. It is important to include faucet selection in your tub decision-making process so be careful not to neglect this step.

8" Center Tub Rim (Deck) Faucet Holes

Deck faucet holes are popular because the faucet does not take up space inside the tub walls. Faucet holes are drilled 8" on center through the rim of the tub. Tub requires a deck mounted faucet with 8" centers.

No Faucet Holes

No Faucet Holes

Tubs that have no faucet holes require faucets mounted on freestanding supplies or mounted to a flat wall. Many faucets designed for tub wall applications will also work with freestanding supplies or in-wall installations, although special adapters may be required.

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