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Hearth & Stove

Decorate your stovetop or fireplace with purpose and utility. Cast iron steamers and cast iron trivets enliven the hearth and home. Maintain your fireplace in style with iron fireplace tools and screens.

Stovetop SteamersStovetop Steamers


Fireplace AccessoriesFireplace Accessories

Hearth & Stove for the Home

A home's kitchen is much more than a place where stoves and fireplaces merely heat the home, both are gathering places for family and friends. Similarly, stove and fireplace accessories can do more than serve their intended practical purposes; they can also add unique character to hearth and kitchen spaces. For example high quality cast iron steamers and trivets can provide colorful accents to vintage-themed kitchens while the combination of a decorative fireplace screen and fireplace tool set will add inviting charm to the hearth year round.

Stovetop Steamers

Available in a variety of decorative and novel designs, cast iron stovetop steamers are an artful way to humidify home and hearth. Adding scented potpourri to the stove top steamer's water mix is a charming way to fill your home with fragrances of the season.


Featuring traditional and novel designs, our collection of cast iron trivets can be used as hot plates as they are intended or displayed on kitchen walls as decorative accents.

Fireplace Accessories

Add style to your hearth with useful and decorative stove and fireplace accessories. Fireplace accessories include iron fireplace tools, fireplace screens and vintage-themed cast iron match stick holders.