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Interior Door Hardware

Door hardware for interior doors including doorplates and door knobs that reproduce designs from the Colonial, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Modern architectural periods. Pocket door hardware, door hinges, mortise locks, and other door hardware that confer immediate period appeal.

Nostalgic Warehouse Interior Doorplate SetsNostalgic Warehouse Interior Doorplate Sets

Nostalgic Warehouse Interior Rose SetsNostalgic Warehouse Interior Rose Sets

Craftsmen Hardware Interior SetsCraftsmen Hardware Interior Sets

Door HingesDoor Hinges

Brass Accents Interior Doorplate SetsBrass Accents Interior Doorplate Sets

Brass Accents Interior Rose SetsBrass Accents Interior Rose Sets

Coastal Bronze Interior Doorplate SetsCoastal Bronze Interior Doorplate Sets

Door StopsDoor Stops

Grandeur Interior Doorplate SetsGrandeur Interior Doorplate Sets

Grandeur Interior Rose SetsGrandeur Interior Rose Sets

Hamilton Sinkler Interior Doorplate SetsHamilton Sinkler Interior Doorplate Sets

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Door Pull HandlesDoor Pull Handles

Door Push and Pull PlatesDoor Push and Pull Plates

Pocket Door HardwarePocket Door Hardware

Sliding Barn Door HardwareSliding Barn Door Hardware

Locks and LatchesLocks & Latches

Door KnobsDoor Knobs

Door PlatesDoor Plates

Choosing Interior Door Hardware

Shop 4 Classics offers a wide selection of antique reproduction door hardware for interior doors. Some backplates and door knobs replicate patterns found in antique originals while others are modern interpretations of vintage door hardware. Most door hardware is available in a choice of popular finishes including antique brass, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. The age and architectural style of your home can serve as a guide for choosing a style and finish. Ultimately, however, you are free to select a door hardware style and finish that fits your personal preferences.

While door hardware style and finish may be a matter of preference, function is not. Function is dictated by the door's purpose. If a door's purpose is to provide privacy (e.g., bathrooms doors, bedroom doors), it will require a locking function. Other interior doors (e.g., closet doors) simply require a latch. In an old home, antique doors may require antique mortise locks. In addition to the choice of style and finish, most interior door hardware also provides a choice of function to suit every purpose.

Most homeowners prefer to match interior door hardware throughout their home. The same style and finish is used on every door regardless of its function. The best way to match interior door hardware is to choose hardware from a single brand. Therefore, Shop 4 Classics organizes interior door hardware by brands. Along with these brand door hardware categories, the interior door hardware section offers other categories dedicated to special doors (e.g., sliding doors or pocket doors), components (e.g., door hinges, door stops), and replacement parts to restore original door hardware.

Nostalgic Warehouse Interior Doorplate Sets

Nostalgic Warehouse interior doorplate sets match door knobs and long backplates to offer the ideal blend of modern door hardware function and vintage sparkle. Available with either interior mortise locks or tubular latches, Nostalgic Warehouse interior doorplate sets are uniquely designed to work with either modern or antique doors.

Nostalgic Warehouse Interior Rose Sets

Nostalgic Warehouse interior rose sets include vintage round backplates and door knobs that reproduce classic hardware designs from the past making them perfectly suited for restoration and renovation. Nostalgic Warehouse rose sets are offered with either antique mortise locks or tubular latches so you can choose the right combination to achieve the appropriate hardware for your project.

Grandeur Interior Doorplate Sets

Grandeur interior doorplate sets blend period door hardware styling with superior product quality and easy installation to provide retro grace to modern doors. Designed specifically for new predrilled doors, Grandeur doorplate sets accommodate the rigorous installation expectations of the new construction market.

Grandeur Interior Rose Sets

Grandeur interior rose sets bring together exceptionally detailed styling, superior quality, and easy installation to create door hardware that can be enjoyed for years. The classic patterns and purity of design of Grandeur door knobs, lever handles, and round backplates make Grandeur rose sets both standouts and standards of tasteful elegance for modern doors.

Brass Accents Interior Doorplate Sets

Brass Accents interior doorplate sets integrate technology, distictive craftsmanship, and old-world tradition to provide a lifetime of door hardware functionality and value. Brass Accents solid brass long backplates, door knobs, and lever door handles feature distictive and unique designs that are carefully researched and reproduced to exacting detail.

Brass Accents Interior Rose Sets

Brass Accents interior rose sets are the definition of artistry and function. Each Brass Accents interior rose set marries authentically reproduced round backplates, a choice of door knobs and lever handles, and today's most popular door hardware finishes.

Coastal Bronze Interior Doorplate Sets

Coastal Bronze interior doorplate sets include traditionally designed pure bronze backplates and a choice of individually cast bronze door knobs and lever handles. Perfectly suited for coastal areas and rustic settings, Coastal Bronze handcrafted door hardware features old world designs cast in solid bronze so they will never rust.

Hamilton Sinkler Interior Doorplate Sets

Hamilton Sinkler interior doorplate sets reflect the rustic and traditional look of the American outdoors. The rugged texture of authentic bronze lends distinction to each piece. Make your home part of the great American experience with Hamilton Sinkler 100% solid bronze interior doorplate sets.

Craftsmen Hardware Interior Sets

Craftsmen Hardware interior sets include handcrafted copper door knobs, lever handles, and backplates. Each piece of Craftsmen Hardware copper door hardware is carefully hand cut, hand hammered, and hand finished with a rich brown patina to obtain Arts & Crafts perfection.

Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket door hardware enriches pocket doors and sliding doors by pairing functionality with vintage designs and craftsmanship. Our pocket door hardware includes handsome pocket door surface pulls and edge pulls for antique pocket doors as well as combination pocket door pulls for sliding pocket doors from modern eras.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Sliding barn door hardware is also often called flat track rolling hardware because unlike a traditional door, the barn door rolls on a flat track rather than swings on hinges. Sliding barn doors can save space or provide a convenient means of partitioning rooms. And when accented with our stylish exposed flat track rolling hardware, barn doors make a grand statement.

Door Hinges

Door hinges constructed with old fashion craftsmanship and echoing designs from the past lend interest to plain or fancy doors. Our sturdily constructed period style door hinges are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, styles.

Door Stops

Door stops protect doors, walls, and furniture from damage by doors and door knobs. Our door stop selection offers options in styles and finishes that coordinate with other door hardware and architectural elements such as vent covers.

Door Push & Pull Plates

Door push and pull plates are a simple alternative to standard knob door plate sets for doors that swing freely without latching. Accent your doorways with grace and charm from the Shop 4 Classics selection of door push plates and pulls and change a boring door into a beautiful door.

Door Pull Handles

Door pull handles provide a convenient grip for wood doors, garage doors, gates, and doors of all types. From extravagant Victorian to modest Arts & Crafts to sophisticated modern, our door pull handles offer design options for every homeowner.

Locks & Latches

Locks & latches includes everything from slide bolts and roller latches to passage tube latches and privacy tube latches for traditional predrilled doors as well as replacement old fashioned mortise locks for antique doors. Keep interior doors closed with locks & latches of all types.

Door Knobs

Period reproduction doorknobs recapture the vintage design and sparkle of simpler times. Many finishes and styles to choose from including an assortment of popular glass door knobs.

Door Plates

Vintage style doorplates coordinate perfectly with our period door knobs and hinges and are available in a variety of styles and finishes.