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Complete your vintage kitchen sink with an antique reproduction wall or deck mount kitchen faucet. Choose from kitchen faucets that include antique style bridge faucets, pot filler faucets, and country French single hole post faucets.

Deck Mount Kitchen FaucetsDeck Mount Kitchen Faucets

Wall Mount Kitchen FaucetsWall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Sink Strainer DrainsKitchen Sink Strainer Drains

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Choosing Kitchen Sink Faucets

For most, the prefect kitchen faucet must not only perform well but also be attractive and complement the overall kitchen design. Therefore, the process of selecting the right kitchen sink faucet begins with an exercise in weighing one’s relative values of form, function, and aesthetic criteria.

Generally, form pertains to where and how the kitchen faucet is installed. Kitchen faucets are available in wall mount and deck mount varieties. Wall mount and deck mount kitchen faucets can be further divided by how many faucet holes are required for installation. Single post deck mount kitchen faucets and some wall mount pot-filler faucets require a single faucet hole in the deck or wall, respectively. Most deck mount bridge kitchen faucets and many vintage style wall mount kitchen faucets require two faucet holes for installation; one hole for hot and one hole for cold water supply. Finally, there are faucets that require a three hole installation; one for each handle and a third for the spout. These kitchen faucets are commonly called widespread kitchen faucets.

Much of how a kitchen faucet functions is determined by its configuration and shape of its spout. Most kitchen faucet spouts swivel from side to side, however, many pot-filler faucets have jointed spouts that allow them to move up and down as well. The spout's height and reach are also important considerations. Gooseneck kitchen faucets and shepherd's hook kitchen faucets offer extra vertical and horizontal clearance that allow for filling large size pots. Kitchen faucets that include a spray, either separately or integrated into the spout, provide additional utility for cleaning vegetables during food prep or cleaning dirty dishes after the meal is complete.

A faucet must also possess a look that complements the kitchen's theme. The design of the faucet's body, spout, and handle(s) along with its finish define its overall appearance. Antique reproduction kitchen faucets are created to mirror original faucets of the past. Reproduction faucets are often offered only with period appropriate finishes, namely chrome and nickel, and may lack some features (e.g., sprays) of modern kitchen faucets. Vintage kitchen faucets have antique-inspired designs but are often adapted to appeal to today's homeowner. For example, vintage kitchen faucets may have extended spouts and be offered in additional modern finish options like oil rubbed bronze and weathered copper.

Deck Mount Kitchen Faucets

Vintage inspired deck mount kitchen faucets infuse a sense of nostalgia into your kitchen remodel. From kitchens of today to kitchens of yesteryear, countertop mounted antique reproduction bridge kitchen faucets add immediate appeal that lend history and style. Widespread kitchen sink faucets with gooseneck spouts or shepherd's hook spouts blend period look with modern features such as high spouts and separate sprayer options.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Antique reproduction wall mount kitchen sink faucets and vintage wall mount pot filler faucets create a unique look while leaving kitchen counter tops unobstructed for easy cleaning. Old-fashioned wall mount kitchen sink faucets are perfect for early 1900s kitchens, farmhouse sinks, and kitchens with limited space behind the sink while pot filler faucets with articulating spouts can be mounted close to the stove for added convenience during meal preparation.

Kitchen Sink Strainer Drains

Kitchen sink strainer drains are often an afterthought but no kitchen sink project is complete without a sink strainer. Kitchen sink strainer drains are typically selected in a finish that matches the kitchen sink faucet. Shop 4 Classics offers kitchen sink strainers in finishes that complement your kitchen, bar, utility sinks, or copper basin sink.