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The Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog is a forum for homeowners of old homes or new homes with vintage appeal. The Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog features tips and tidbits on clawfoot tubs, clawfoot tub faucets and showers, heat registers and cold air returns, antique reproduction door hardware, and many more products for classic homes. For more tips and anecdotes about the old home experience, take a break and visit the Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog or peruse the complete list of topics discussed on the blog at the Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog Archive.

Tue, 15 Apr 2014 00:53:00 +0000
Decorative Garage Door Hardware: Add Real Curb Appeal with Faux Carriage Door Strap Hinges and Pulls
Many wanting to add to their home’s curb appeal rightfully focus much of their remodeling efforts on their home’s prominent, yet terrible bland, builder’s grade two-car garage door.  Their object is to maintain the modern functionality of their existing garage door while transforming its utilitarian appearance to one that actually adds to the attractiveness of the home’s façade by making it resemble charmingly-attractive carriage doors of the past.  Often this make-over is accomplished by completely replacing the existing garage door with a specially designed carriage-style garage door; however, in some cases the existing garage door can be saved and merely dressed-up.   In either case, faux carrier door hardware is added to complete the look.  Faux carriage door hardware consists of decorative strap hinges and door pulls that help create the appearance that each garage door resembles two doors that open outward.   The vast majority of fake carriage door hardware on the market today features a spade design.  Garage door make-overs using spade style faux carriage door hardware will add a lot of charm; however, there is also a good chance that your new carriage style doors may not be unique as your neighbors’ garage doors may sport similar spade-themed hardware.  Spade faux garage door hardware may also not necessarily fit the style of your home.   Spade style carriage door hardware is so common that those looking for something other than spade style hardware may have to search for a while and could end up paying more than planned for a unique style that also compliments the style of their home.

A few hardware manufacturers of the early 20th century produced a variety of truly unique decorative faux strap hinges and accompanying door pulls.   Their designs often featured Arts & Crafts and rustic themes.   Antique Revelry has just introduced three sets of faux carriage door hardware inspired by hardware from these manufacturers.   Their Clover faux carriage door hardware features an old world design with decorative three leafed clover shapes on the dummy strap hinges and door pulls.  The Craftsman faux carriage door hardware is truly unique with it distinctive Arts and Crafts design complimented by faux pyramid nail heads and decorative faux hammered textures.  Finally, Antique Revelry’s Tulip faux carriage door hardware represents an Arts and Crafts take on the popular spade design.   Like the Craftsman carriage door hardware, the Tulip decorative strap hinges includes faux hammered textures and faux pyramid nail heads.   The Tulip door pull shares the same heart-shaped ornamentation as the sets dummy strap hinges.   All three sets are available in powder-coat black aluminum and genuine solid bronze with a rich brown patina.  Antique Revelry’s faux garage door hardware is complimentary of many home designs including Arts and Craft bungalows, Tudor style homes, modern traditional homes, and rustic style homes.
Decorative Garage Door Hardware
Faux Garage Door Hardware from Antique Revelry

Thu, 27 Mar 2014 20:48:00 +0000
Bermuda vs. The Bahamas: One In The Same When It Comes to Shutter Hardware
The Bahamas and Bermuda are not the same thing unless you happen to be talking about shutters.  Bahama shutters and Bermuda shutters are interchangeable terms that describe a special type of exterior shutter that hinges at the top and opens from the bottom.  Bahama shutters are most often found on homes in coastal states where tropical storms and hurricanes are common (e.g., Florida, Louisiana) but they are also popular on Spanish, Southwest, and Tuscan style homes and buildings in most every area of the US.

John Wright Company
Bermuda Shutter Hardware

Bermuda shutters offer more than a tropical aesthetic.  They are popular in areas affected by hurricane winds because they can be closed to protect windows from flying debris.  Unlike a traditional shutter, Bahama shutters also block the harmful direct rays of the sun even when the shutter is open.  When a Bermuda shutter is open, the louvers are parallel to the horizon but perpendicular to the sun overhead.  This provides shelter from the heat of the sun but still allows light and fresh air to pass through the shutter.  It also permits a relatively unobstructed field of vision to the outdoors from the cool shade of your home.  When a Bermuda shutter is closed, the overlapping louvers point down to provide privacy from curious neighbors.

Bahama shutters are hung from the top of the window with a variation of a strap hinge.  It should be no surprise that these special hinges are called Bahama shutter strap hinges or Bermuda shutter hinges.  The strap attaches to the top of the shutter while the pintle (base) is fastened to the top of the window casement.  Typically, two strap hinges are used on each Bermuda shutter; one in each corner.  Often, multiple Bermuda shutters are hung side by side.  If the shutters are close together and have a narrow stile, a double strap Bahama shutter hinge can used in the center with single strap Bahama shutter hinges used on the outside of each shutter.

Coastal Bronze
Bahama Shutter Hinge

A Bermuda shutter stays open with the aid of a Bermuda shutter stay, or Bahama shutter stay if you prefer.  The shutter stay has two pieces.  A long swivel arm is usually mounted to the sill at the bottom of the window.  A catch is mounted to the bottom of the shutter.  The Bahama shutter is pushed open from the bottom.  The shutter stay's arm swings around and attaches to the catch on the bottom of the shutter to hold the Bahama shutter open.  Shutter stays can be mounted in the middle of the shutter or toward the outside edge but mounting in the middle is normally considered stronger.  Generally speaking, it is recommended that Bermuda shutters not be held open at an angle greater than sixty degrees from the building.

Shop 4 Classics offers Bahama shutter hardware from John Wright Company and Coastal Bronze.  A summary of each company's Bahama shutter hardware follows.

The John Wright Company Bermuda shutter hinges and Bermuda shutter stay are constructed of cast iron.  They feature a weather resistant traditional black powder coating that protects them from rust and corrosion.  The John Wright Company Bermuda shutter stay utilizes a hook-and-eye approach.  The shutter stay arm has a hook at the end that is inserted into the eyelet catch on the shutter to secure the shutter in the open position.  Additional eyes are available to stow the hook when not in use or to provide additional open positions.

Coastal Bronze Double Strap
Bahama Shutter Hinge

The Coastal Bronze Bahama shutter strap hinges, double strap Bahama shutter hinges, and Bahama shutter stay are cast in solid bronze.  Bronze is a naturally corrosion resistant alloy that will not rust even in the harshest of conditions.  Coastal Bronze solid bronze Bahama shutter hardware is finished with a rich brown patina that ages gracefully with time.  The Coastal Bronze Bahama shutter stay includes a locking pin to secure the stay to one of the two catches that are included.  The second catch can be used either to provide a second open position or to secure the arm when the shutter is closed.

In addition to Bermuda shutter hardware, Shop 4 Classics offers strap hinges, shutter dogs, slide bolts, and other shutter hardware for traditional shutters.  Visit the Shutter Hardware department of Shop 4 Classics for a complete selection of shutter hardware from John Wright Company, Coastal Bronze, Acorn Manufacturing, and Artesano Iron Works.
Fri, 28 Feb 2014 23:56:00 +0000
Decorative Cabinet Knobs, Pulls, Latches, Hinges and More for Your Winter DIY Project
This year’s winter weather has been enough to give many do-it-yourselfers a severe case of cabin fever.    Woodworking projects offer a great way for the do-it-yourselfer to exercise his skills as well as creativity.   Any woodworking project starts with an idea and with and the internet is full of them.  A search for woodworking plans will provide step-by-step instructions for a wide array of projects.   Speaking from experience, key to selecting a successful and rewarding woodworking project depends upon objectively matching project requirements to one’s skill level, available tools, and time commitment. 

Decorative Corner Guard
Drop Pull
Adding cabinet hardware to woodworking projects is often one of the final steps towards its completion.  Thoughtfully selected cabinet hardware will not only add to the functionality of the project but also add character in the form of a stylish accent.   Shop 4 Classics offers unique collections of cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, latches, hinges, and corner guards.  Cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls serve the same basic function but come in hundreds of styles, finishes, sizes, and shapes which make it difficult choice but one that is based upon one’s personal style preferences.  Selecting cabinet latches requires more thought as latches are available in a variety of configurations designed specific latch placement and mounting requirements.   Similar care must be taken when selecting cabinet hinges.   Cabinet hinges are offered in numerous sizes and in mortise and non-mortise designs.  Here again, it is important to understand your project’s requirements as the first step in the selection process.  Corner guards are metal covers that are attached to corners of woodworking projects of all types.  Corner guards are designed to protect the corners from being damaged, but they are also decorative.    Although corner guards are traditionally used on wooden trunks or chests, we have found that creative do-it-yourselfers are using our decorative corner guards in all sorts of unique ways.   Coordinating the look of all the pieces of hardware
needed to complete your project is always wise prior to any purchase decision.

Are you proud of your do-it-yourself projects?  Email us at and we may feature your project in one of our next blog entries.   Be sure to include pictures!

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