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Shower Curtain Rings & Rods

Oval shower curtain rings, rectangular shower enclosures, as well as assorted shower curtain rods. Solve problem shower curtain ring installations with shower ring supports and braces for tall ceilings and vaulted ceilings.
Shower Curtain Rings and Rods
Shower Curtain Rings and Rods
Shower Enclosure Supports
Shower Enclosure Supports
Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains
Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains
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Shower Curtain Rings vs. Shower Curtain Rods

The terms shower curtain ring and shower curtain rod are often used synonymously. Ring or rod, both serve the same purpose of supporting a shower curtain. There are differences between a shower curtain ring and a shower curtain rod however. Shower curtain rings surround all four sides of a bathtub or shower, looping 360 degrees around the tub or shower. Shower curtain rods are open on at least one side. They may enclose one, two or even three sides of a tub but not four. Shower curtain rods are normally used with built-in bathtubs and showers where one or more sides are enclosed by a wall. Shower curtain rings are usually used with clawfoot tubs, freestanding drop-in bathtubs, or shower pans where there is no enclosing wall. Shower curtain rings are supported by braces that clamp on to the ring or thread into tees along the perimeter of the ring. Support for shower curtains rods is provided by wall brackets at each end of the rod; although braces may also be used for additional support.

Shower Curtain Rings & Rods

Shower curtain rings and rods come in various shapes and sizes making them suitable for many different applications. Shower curtain rings can be rectangular, oval, or circular in shape. Shower curtain rings are often called shower enclosures or shower surrounds because they fully envelope the bathtub or shower. The most common shower curtain rod is a straight rod but shower curtain rods are also available in L, C, and D shapes as well as neo-angle for corner bathtubs and shower receptors.

Shower Enclosure Supports

Shower enclosure supports include braces, brackets, and adapters for support shower curtain rings and shower curtain rods. Shower enclosure supports include elbows for installing shower curtain rings where no adjacent wall is available for wall braces and vaulted ceiling brackets for sloped ceilings. Shower curtain rings, shower curtain rods, and the shower enclosure supports for them are not governed by standards so check specifications to ensure a proper fit.

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains

Clawfoot tub shower curtains are larger than traditional shower curtains because they must enclose all four sides of clawfoot tubs. Although they can be used with shower curtain rods, especially long shower curtain rods, clawfoot tub shower curtains are most often used with shower curtain rings. As the name suggests, this category includes shower curtains but it also includes shower curtain pins (also called shower curtain rings) for hanging them.

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