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D07-K360A-613-GEORGETOWN Oil Rubbed Bronze Netropol Passage Rose Set With Georgetown Knob

PID:  22762
Manufacturer Part Number:  D07-K360A-613-GEORGETOWN
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PID:  22762
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Georgetown Crystal Door Knob Rose Set

Georgetown oval crystal door knob with your choice of round backplate, function, and finish. The Georgetown oval crystal door knob is a unique design that features the assembly detail of the Hopkins & Dickerson knob circa 1879.
  • 1-3/4" wide x 2-3/4" tall Georgetown door knobs.
  • 24% lead oval crystal knobs.
  • Choice of solid brass round backplates.
  • Select passage, privacy, or dummy function.
  • Passage and privacy sets feature standard 2 3/8" backset tube latch.
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Georgetown Crystal Door Knob Rose Set
Shown with Netropol rose.

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