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RISBP Black Iron 18-7/8" Thru-Bolt Bean Gate Strap Hinge

PID:  31160
Manufacturer Part Number:  RISBP
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PID:  31160
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Bean Thru-Bolt Gate Strap Hinge

This pintle mount black iron gate strap hinge with bean-shaped tip mounts to gates with carriage bolts.
  • Rough black iron.
  • Available in 18-7/8" and 15-5/8" lengths.
  • Supplied with carriage bolts for through bolt applications.
  • 18-7/8" hinge includes 5-1/2" pintle and 5" long bolts.
  • 15-5/8" hinge includes 4-1/2" pintle and 3-1/2" long bolts.
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Bean Thru-Bolt Gate Strap Hinge

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