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Ranging from traditional in-wall tub faucet and shower sets, to exposed riser pipe showers, to state-of-the-art thermostatic shower component systems, we offer tub and shower faucets to suit all interests. Choose from old-fashion sprinkler can showerheads, sunflower showerheads, or contemporary rainshower showerheads.

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Choosing Tub & Shower Faucets

Double-wall built-in tubs were introduced in the early 1900s. Soon after their introduction, bathtubs transitioned from freestanding clawfoot tubs and drop-in models to built-in alcove tubs and corner tubs. Built-in bathtubs install in a niche with walls on either 2 or 3 sides. Tub and shower faucets install on an adjoining wall. Unlike the plumbing for a freestanding clawfoot tub, the plumbing for built-in tub faucets and showers installs behind the finished wall (usually tiled wall). Only the handles, tub spout, and showerhead are left exposed. Tub and shower faucets for built-in tubs are frequently called in-wall tub and shower sets for this reason.

Tub and shower sets usually have one, two, or three handles. A traditional in-wall tub faucet that does not service a shower will only have two handles; one for controlling hot water and one for controlling cold water. Likewise, an in-wall shower will only have two handles. However, an in-wall tub and shower faucet that provides both a tub filler and a shower will have three handles; hot, cold, and diverter. The diverter handle directs the flow of water to either the tub spout or the showerhead. Pressure balance tub and shower faucets usually have a single handle which may include a lever for switching between tub spout and showerhead if the faucet services both a tub and shower. Modern thermostatic component tub and shower systems can have multiple handles to configure any number of custom tub spout, showerhead, handshower, and body spray configurations.

Tub and shower faucets are available from early simple designs, to highly stylized 1930s Art Deco-influenced designs, to sophisticated contemporary designs. Many tub and shower faucets are part of a family or series that includes matching sink faucets and bath accessories. The range of finish options allow homeowners to coordinate tub and shower faucets with their choice of bathroom trim and lighting fixtures.

Tub & Shower Sets

Tub & shower sets include trim and in-wall valves for built-in tub projects. Most tub & shower faucets are available with two or three handle options for tub & shower, tub only, or shower only bathtub configurations. Pressure balance and thermostatic tub and shower sets are also available for traditional designs that incorporate modern technology.

Thermostatic Tub & Shower Components

Thermostatic tub & shower component systems combine state of the art technology with the versatility to build your own custom bath system. In-wall thermostatic tub & shower faucets balance the mixture of hot and cold water to provide anti-scald protection.

Exposed Riser Shower Sets

Exposed riser shower sets recreate the charm of vintage showers. Installed on a wall, riser shower sets features an exposed shower riser to an overhead showerhead. The showerhead is typically a large rainshower showerhead similar to those found in antique shower faucets. Exposed riser shower sets can be installed over a shower pan in shower stalls or over tubs that have a separate faucet for filling the tub.

Shower Heads

Shower heads for in-wall tub and shower faucets and clawfoot tub showers are offered in a variety of popular finishes and styles. Period reproduction showerheads include sprinkler can showerheads, porcelain showerheads, and sunflower showerheads. Many shower heads are available as a complete set that includes a shower arm.

Tub Spouts

Tub spouts are an economical upgrade for most built-in tubs. The 3/4" IPS connection is a standard that makes upgrading the tub spout a simple improvement. Porcelain tub spouts are a classic option for the vintage bath. Add a shower without a complete remodel by replacing the tub spout with a diverter tub spout connected to a handshower or overhead showerhead and exposed shower riser.

Bath Series Accessories

Bath series accessories include a family of matching toilet paper holders, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, towel hooks, towel bars, and towel rings. Many bathroom series include tub and shower faucets and bathroom sink faucets as well as bath accessories. Coordinate all bathroom trim and faucets with matching escutcheons, materials, finish, and details to create a unified look.