Shop 4 Classics


Shop 4 Classics offer only high quality products that are fully warranted by the manufacturer. If by chance you receive a product that is defective, the manufacturer's warranty information and service address will be clearly marked on or in the package you receive. Additionally, manufacturer warranty information is available online. Each product page will include a Manufacturer Information section just below the Product Features. The Manufacturer Information section will identify the manufacturer and link to additional information about them, including their warranties.

Do not install an item that you believe to be defective. Installing the product may suggest that it was damaged during installation. Your claim may be rejected by the manufacturer if you install the product before reporting a problem.

If you receive a product that you believe to be defective, contact for assistance processing a warranty claim. Include your Shop 4 Classics order number and provide a detailed description of the problem. Digital photos illustrating the defect are recommended. We will submit your claim to the manufacturer for review. Repair or replacement is at the manufacturer's discretion. Shop 4 Classics does not offer nor imply a warranty. Decisions regarding repair, replacement, or refund are at the discretion of the manufacturer of the product.

Our department will gladly answer any questions or comments that you may have regarding manufacturer warranties.