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Window sash locks, sash lifts, casement window hardware, and transom window hardware constructed in solid bronze, brass, or cast iron that evoke the quality and style of antique window hardware.

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Choosing Antique Reproduction Window Hardware

Windows and window hardware are important elements for identifying a home's architectural style. The type of window as well as number and pattern of muntins provide distinguishing historical hallmarks. Whether it be an elegant Victorian Queen Anne or a modest Craftsman bungalow, double hung windows have always been popular and continue to be the most popular type of window today. Around the turn of the 20th Century, casement windows came in vogue. Casement windows were especially popular in medieval inspired Tudor homes but were also a popular choice for bungalows of the Arts & Crafts movement. Casement windows continue to be popular in modern homes.

Recognizing window type is paramount in choosing the correct antique reproduction window hardware. Double hung windows and single hung windows require sash lifts to open the sash and sash locks to secure them. Casement windows swing open on hinges and have casement window latches to lock them. While window type is foremost in choosing funtionally correct vintage window hardware, finish and ornamentation are important to choosing the most historically accurate antique reproduction window hardware. Early window hardware was usually handcrafted in wrought iron. The Industrial Revolution introduced mass-produced cast iron and brass window hardware. Technological advancement fueled the highly decorated window hardware of the Victorian period. The Arts & Crafts era called for a return to simple handcrafted designs in copper and bronze window hardware. Preserve vintage windows with antique reproduction window hardware appropriate to the era or enhance replacement windows with window hardware reminiscent of your home's architectural style.

Window Sash Locks

Window sash locks secure single hung and double hung window sashes. Sash locks (or sash catches) pull the top sash and bottom sash together to lock and seal it; protecting the inside from the elements. In addition to their functional purpose, antique reproduction sash locks aesthetically enhance windows, vintage or otherwise.

Window Sash Lifts

Window sash lifts provide a grip for lifting the lower sash on single hung or double hung windows. Our collection of antique reproduction sash lifts and sash handles offers an option for every architectural period.

Casement & Transom Window Hardware

Casement window and transom window hardware includes latches for casement windows and transom windows as well as other miscellaneous window hardware. Our collection of antique reproduction window hardware blends vintage style with quality function.