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Replacement window hardware including sash locks, sash lifts, and specialty window hardware. Fully functional shutter hardware as well as ornamental dummy shutter hardware including shutter dogs, hinges, and slide bolts.

Window Hardware

Shutter Hardware

Window Hardware Fundamentals

To understand window hardware, one must first be familiar with window types. Window types are characterized by how the window's sash functions. It follows then that the sash is key to selecting window hardware.

Double-hung windows have two sashes that slide vertically to open and close the window. Single-hung windows also have two sashes but only the bottom window slides. Window hardware for double-hung and single-hung windows includes sash locks (or sash catches) and sash lifts (or sash pulls). Sash locks pull the two window sashes together tightly to lock them and help seal the top and bottom sashes. Sash lifts provide a handle for lifting the bottom sash to open the window and let fresh air in.

Casement windows and transom windows have hinged sashes. Window hardware for transom and casement windows includes fasteners, catches, and adjusters.

Whether restoring old windows to past glory or enhancing new wood windows with the character of period hardware, choose quality antique reproduction window hardware from Shop 4 Classics.

Shutter Hardware Fundamentals

Historically, shutters were designed to shelter windows from inclement weather, provide privacy, and regulate light, airflow, and outside noise. To function, shutters require the appropriate shutter hardware. The two most basic pieces of shutter hardware are shutter hinges and shutter dogs. Shutter hinges allow functional shutters to open against an exterior wall and close within the window casing. Strap hinges are especially common on exterior shutters. Shutter dogs (also called shutter tiebacks) hold the shutter in the open position. Other shutter hardware includes slide bolts and shutter fasteners to hold shutters closed and pull rings to provide a handle.

Today, non-functional shutters (also called faux shutters) are used to add color and character to homes. Just because a shutter is false doesn't mean it should look phony. Faux shutter hardware can make decorative shutters look functional. Dummy strap hinges and faux shutter dogs can provide a traditional look to stationary wood and vinyl shutters at a fraction of the cost of functional shutter hardware.